2011 Pan American Canoe Polo Championships

Welcome!  Austin Kayak Polo and the Austin Paddling Club are pleased to host the 2011 Pan American Canoe Polo Championships, a USACK-sanctioned qualifying tournament for the 2012 Canoe Polo World Championships and 2013 World Games.   The tournament is open to national teams from North, Central, and South America.   The games for Pan-Am will be played on Friday and Saturday, except for the U21 Division which will be played on Saturday only.   National teams and other club teams are welcome to compete in a separate Open Tournament, which will be played concurrently to the Pan-am competition. About Kayak Polo.

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Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
December 9, 10, & 11, 2011


Rio Vista Park, 701 Cheatham St, San Marcos, Texas, USA  (30 miles south of nearest major airport in Austin, TX - 50 miles north of San Antonio, TX).  San Marcos is a city of approximately 50,000 people, home to Texas State University. Below is a composite photo of the venue, showing the pitch at the left and the adjacent River Pub.

Chairman: Ezio Ambrosetti   512-970-8026   ezio.ambrosetti@gmail.com                    

Venue Description: The San Marcos River is spring fed about 1 mile upstream of the tournament location at about 130 cubic feet per second.  The water is crystal clear and 72 degrees unless it's been raining heavily.  However, it has not rained much in over one year.   There will be one pitch.   The River Pub is a restaurant/bar with a sunny second floor deck with tables facing the pitch and a shaded first floor deck with tables.   Both levels are open air, unheated. 



High Temperature

F (C)

Low Temperature

F (C)


in (mm)


72 (22)

49 (9)

3.05 (77.5)


63 (17)

40 (4)

2.29 (58.2)


The organizers will transfer boats to and from Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS).  Please send your flight details to: curt.burdorf@parsons.com
There are many hotels within walking distance of the venue, so you may not need a vehicle while in San Marcos.  

Map (from Google) and Directions:
From I-35 S (from Austin), take exit 204B for Rt 12, go straight through light, then take second right, Riverside Drive.  There is a tourist information center on the corner.  Take first left on Cheatham street (or park in lot on left just before this intersection).  See Parking.

From I-35 N (from San Antonio), take exit 205 for Rt 12, keep in far left lane and take U-turn under I-35.  You are now on I-35 access road southbound.  Move to right lane and take third right, Riverside Drive.  There is a tourist information center on the corner.  Take first left on Cheatham street (or park in lot on left just before this intersection).  See Parking.

The lot closest to the pitch is the River Pub. You may unload but DO NOT park or leave vehicles unattended in the River Pub lot at any time.  Your vehicle may be towed.  
Parking is in the public lot with bathrooms across the street.  There are also two lots in Rio Vista Park on the other side of the river.   (See map below.)


Registration closes on Thursday, November 17.   This is the day before the 3 week advance purchase deadline for flights.   Please contact us if you miss this deadline but still desire to attend.
There will be an administration fee to cover the costs of the tournament.   For the Pan American Championships the fee is $150 per team. U21 teams are exempt from the fee but still need to register and communicate their roster.

For the Open Tournament, the fee is $15 per player, and participants in the Pan American Championships who also participate in the Open Tournament are exempt from this fee.

Fees may be paid by USD check to Austin Paddling Club and mailed to Adrian Nye, 1803 Larchmont Dr.  Austin TX 78704.   Payments by credit card through PayPal can be made to adrian_nye@yahoo.com but please add 3% to total to cover the PayPal transaction fee.  Austin Paddling Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

To complete registration, please email team name, and a list of player names with PFD numbers to Adrian.

If you believe you are registered but do not see your name in the divisions below, please contact Adrian.

Divisions (the main four divisions are for national teams only):

Men (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day)

Women  (Friday afternoon)

U21 Men (Saturday morning)

Open (Friday afternoon, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day, open to anyone)

Questions regarding players or teams meeting eligibility requirements should be referred to the United States Canoe Polo Committee or COPAC.  


    Pan-am Championships

 MenWomen U21 Men 
USA (not paid)
Alexander Izmailov 
Andre Sanborn 
Ben Porter 
Curt Burdorf 
Dmitri Bougakov 
Elliot Faure 
Ge Wu 
Mark Poindexter 
Nick Porter  
USA (paid)
April Romeo 
Giselle Nguyen 
Katie Homann 
Kim Parker 
Marijo Bosiljevac 
Monica Palmer 
Susie Needham 
Sveta Platonova  
Damien Guevara
Ben Enbom
Marie Holl
Stephan Skaar
Jake Traynor

Canada (paid)
Amos Patrick
Brad Cameron
Brant Oldershaw
Jamen Langlois
Kyle Polsfut
Michael Thomas
Richard Allan  
 Canada (paid)
Adelene Tan
Ashley Cunningham
Aurora Bohm
Carolyn Karasiuk
Christie Siddle
Kristina O'Brien
Shylo Hendrickson  
Sebastien Clermont
Sieger Roorda
Logan Olinger
Daniel Janigo
Mitch Boyd
Tyler Bond

Brazil (not paid)
Caio Moreno Pereira Romano
Diniz Mbure
Frederico Zecchini Cabral
Paulo Cesar Pereira dos Santos
Paulo Henrique Rossato
Thiago Rodrigues Arraiol

Open Teams

    Team 1: USA Men A
            Adrian Nye
            Ben Porter
            Elliot Faure  
            Ezio Ambrosetti  
            Mark Poidexter
            Nick Porter  
    Team 2: USA Men B
            Alexander Izmailov 
            Andre Sanborn 
            Curt Burdorf 
            Dmitri Bougakov 
            Ge Wu 
            Sergey Finkelstein  
    Team 3: Canada Men A
            Jamen Langlois
            JC Pothier
            Brant Oldershaw  
            Amos Patrick  
            Michael Thomas
    Team 4: Canada Men B
            Richard Allan
            Brad Cameron
            Kyle Polsfut
            Mike Lawson  
            Keegan Smith
    Team 5: São Pólo Brazil 
            Caio Moreno Pereira Romano
            Diniz Mbure
            Frederico Zecchini Cabral
            Thiago Rodrigues Arraiol  
            Rodrigo Palma dos Santos

    Team 6: USA Women (Same roster as above, plus Dawn Drebot)
    Team 7: Canada Women (Same roster as above)
    Team 8: Iate Brazil
            Caio de Oliveira Rosa (under-21)
            Leonardo de Andrade Colomera (under-21)
            Paulo Cesar Pereira dos Santos
            Paulo Henrique Rossato
            Vinicius Rodrigues Arraiol
    Team 9: USA U21 (Same roster as above, plus Andre Sanborn)
    Team 10: Canada U21 (Same roster as above)

    Team 11: Austin
            Norm Kirchner
            Agassi Nakhapetian
            Lev Grote 
            Kathleen Lynch  
    Team 12: San Marcos

Team rosters will be decided by national coaches, except for non-national-team players who will make up their own teams.   The organizers will not split up or equalize teams for the open division.

Referee Training:

Andrea Donzelli, an ICF referee trainer/assessor, will be present and will be training and assessing referees.   If you would like to participate in the training or be assessed, or renew your ICF referee certification, please contact Ezio Ambrosetti.

ICF Referee Training on Friday evening - 6:00 pm (2 hours) - Fee 20EUR - Reserved for people with previous refereeing experience - previous completion of online modules (http://www.canoeicf.com/icf/Aboutoursport/Canoe-Polo/More-on-Canoe-Polo/Referee-education.html) required.

Beginner Referee Training on Saturday evening - 6:00 pm (2 hours) - Fee 10EUR

Both sessions held at the Power Outdoor Olympic Center.   POOC is within walking distance of the playing venue.

All equipment will be inspected for safety. See schedule below for scrutineering times.  Players are strongly advised to inspect and repair their equipment before coming.   Repair equipment will not be provided.

Boat color requirements will not be enforced.  Team PFDs must match color and have no duplicate numbers.  For international divisions, helmets must match color and helmet number must match PFD number.

Equipment for Loan:
Use of this equipment is free.  All the following equipment will be shared (must be put back in loaner area after each game).
6 Eskimo Gecko plastic kayaks in good shape.
2 Dagger Vampire plastic kayaks
1 Latvian fiberglass kayaks (fast but tippy)
1 Evolution fiberglass kayak (for very small people)
Skirts for above if needed
Black plastic helmets with Stainless Facemasks
yellow/black PFDs
plastic polo paddles (197 and 200, 45 degree and 60 degree).

Numerous hotels are located within one mile from Rio Vista Park:
  • Red Roof Inn - 817 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 754-8899

  • Best Western - 917 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 754-7557

  • Hampton Inn - 106 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 754-7707

  • Comfort Suites - 104 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 392-1006

  • Holiday Inn Express - 108 N Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 754-6621

Also in the area: Parkside Inn & Suites, Econolodge, Crystal River Inn (B&B) and others.

The San Marcos tourist bureau (grouptours@sanmarcostexas.com ) is available to help you with your booking.
Camping may be available at Power Olympic Outdoor Center (easy walking distance to venue, but noisy because it's right next to I-35).   Nice riverside camping (but not walking distance) at Pecan Park Retreat.
Homestays are not available since only one of our players lives in San Marcos.

Food at Venue:
The River Pub is a full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a deck overlooking the pitch.
Herbert's Taco Hut is a short walk away on Riverside drive, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Saturday night dinner will be held at the San Marcos River Pub at 7:30 PM.   This will be standard restaurant seating and ordering from the menu, with each person paying their own bill.

Schedule (tentative):

Things to Know:
Just below the pitch is the new Rio Vista Whitewater Park, which features three small drops with eddies on both sides.  You can run the drops in composite polo boats, but may scrape a little.
It is possible to paddle upstream or downstream from the venue, and both directions have nice scenery.  The source of the spring is worth a visit, but you have to go by land because you can't paddle all the way to it (because of a waterfall and private property).

Contact Information
Director: Ezio Ambrosetti    512-970-8026    ezio.ambrosetti@gmail.com
Registration, Website, Scheduling: Adrian Nye    512-585-1015    adrian_nye@yahoo.com
Miscellaneous: Mark Poindexter   512-693-0188   c1slalom@hotmail.com    (prefers calls instead of emails)

See you in San Marcos!